Wednesday, August 20, 2008

vera wang

meet vera wang.

we got her on sunday night ...sister and i did.

it took us 4 days to figure out her name...but we were committed to making the decision tonight because otherwise her name would have just ended up being kitty....

mostly we have a family cat name louis vuitton...we call him louis...pronounced "lewis"
so keeping in the family tradition of fancy names we decided to go with vera wang..."vera" for short.

and the plus side is that i like to talk about wangs so when she does bad stuff like begs for food...i will just say "wang NO!"

so welcome the world of fabulous bitchassness...little did you know that when you were adopted off that farm in oregon city from a mom that hunts mice in a field for a living --that you would be leaving to join a world where you wear fancy pearls, hunt mice that are only fake. and pink. and sparkly...and walk around like you are the shit with an awesome ass name like vera. cause if you are going to be my kitty you have to have a bad ass name.