Sunday, August 10, 2008

random saturdays in response to joels comment on my "favorite memory" is a long over due outline of what was random saturday night...

the theme - to be hella do random things, take shots at random bars, go ro random places, and basically walk around the entire downtown portland area.

we started at what used to be newport bay on the water front...well technically brett and i started at the jolly roger...a fancy little bar that you would probably expect to see in old vegas...hella bling. we made friends with a local/regular...whatev. it was kind of awesome...

anyway then we went to what used to be newport bay...long islands and fish tacos...totally delicious ha.

then we walked to pattys but on the walk we had to take some pictures.
one because brett had to pee

and going potty under the hawthorn bridge in a public bathroom is usually always a good idea...(skank ass nasty! eew i didnt even know there were public bathrooms under the hawthorn bridge!)

emily and i also saw lots of people swimming in that sick fountain on the water know, the one that looks cool but smells like ass..? pretty sure if you want stds, ecoli, hepetius, tb....that's the place you should go...i'm mean really...who says "ooh hey, its a sunny saturday evening lets go lay in the middle of the waterfront, play in that skank fountain and show everyone our love handles and fat rolls..." cute.

the picture isn't really about us...its really about those girls behind us...

anyway we saw fancy stuff...and it wasn't really the good kind of fancy stuff...
other fancy stuff that wasn't good?

naked bike parades.
"and after we are done playing in the disease infested fountains...lets go bike naked through the city...and have our wangs flapping around....for everyone, their dogs, their kids, their parents, their see..that's appropriate and not barf at all"

that required us to turn the evening into a pub crawl.

and mostly required us to take pictures on rainbow benches and do other awesome stuff

pretty sure i could write all day about random saturday, the people we saw, the drinks we drank, the places we went...but somethings are just better left unwritten about!

or left up to imaginations - stuff like hummus and skin swords and comacauzies and dixies and construction manzanas and duck farts and pleather skirts and taras dad.

thanks joel... definitely one of the favorite memorable events. :)

on a side note...this just reminds me...that i really need to stay on top of my blogging, its kind of sad really...cause i do so much random shit...its a shame not to write it all pledging to trying to catch up/stay on top...of this ridiculous world of mine. that i totally love.! cause it is fancy and fabulous and the word machete and cut and bitch is used alot in it...and those words are awesome, people should learn about them if they haven't yet...they make living lots more fun!

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