Wednesday, August 13, 2008

why i love them.

laker dancers...

i love them for many reasons. here are some.

1. they work hard. not just one of them...but all of them...and also they work hard every single practice (well most of them, hehe...but no, for reals...they do)...probably cause if they didn't they know what would happen...cuts and stuff... but mostly they work their little butts off...they run till they get naucious...they leap until they hit it perfect...they turn till they can't see straight...and then they do more things.

2. they choreography amazing things. that means that the routines they perform...were created by all of us...together. coaches and dancers. and we do amazing things.

3. their technique is amazing...even if i constantly yell at them and tell them they are not dancing on their toes, or high enough in releve, or have barf pointed toes...and make them do things a million times in a row...mostly they are the best technical team in all of the state...and i love them for that.

4. i love that i can push them and they don't get discouraged...a place the bar as high as i can reach and they try to not only grab it but fly over it.

5. they are dedicated. they ask for more practices...they ask to run (even though they hate it)...they ask for choreography sessions...they ask where to take class...they ask for private technique help...they are self motivators who want to be the best they can be...and i appreciate that more than they know.

and the reasons why i love them even more...

6. they like to take silly pictures.

7. they love disneyworld.

8. they love to give and get hugs

9. when someone is crying or frustrated everyone helps to make it better

10. they love each other like sisters and like to wear matching friendship bracelets

11. they love to eat...especially brunch...and pasta feeds

12. they love uggs, boots with the fur, apple bottom jeans, tshirts with the necks cut out, and old grandma night gowns

13. they love to look at themselves in the mirror

14. they love to text message

15. they love games, and races, and obstacle courses

16. they love to dance in the car, by the car...sometimes on the car

there will be many things to learn about them i am sure...but for now learn about denise work outs to boots with the fur, running in red white and blue, pyt, 8:08 of 8/8/08, dem jeans, medium awkward, ventriloquists abc's, and missy elliot...

meet them...they are awesome.


Kelsey said...

Hello Kendallion! I loved your post a lot a lot. i think it really captured our team and why we are fabulous. those videos are pretty fly and who is laughing in the background of that one.. Travis? maybe ha. But anyways I get to see you again tomorrow yay yay.
Love it
and you

Kate said...

ma my favorite is "and old grandma nightgowns" hahah well me loves you and i love this!