Thursday, August 14, 2008


i have gone back and forth with thursdays for a long time...i remember the days about when i had piano lessons on thursdays...the thing is i love to play piano...i always have...but the other thing is piano lessons were basically equivalent to getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist...minus the nervous diarrhea...but painful nonetheless...

then i remember for a few years when i liked thursdays...thursdays meant thirsty thursday...take a shower, get all cute and fancy...then go to the smoky crap ass bar down the street to get your cute clean self smelling like spilled bottom shelf well vodka and pbr from a pitcher. but something about dancing till 2am on a school night with all of your friends...trying to walk through taco bell drive thrus (doesn't matter how many times you try...they never. ever...serve you. ever)...and deciding a buffet of chicken nuggets, home made nachos, and fruit snacks (the berry shaped kind from costco) on the floor in the living room is a better idea...means that thursday nights are actually quite fun.

well...i think i am back to thinking that thursdays really aren't the greatest day...something about wednesday is when they are over you are all like sweet made it halfway through the week...but the reality is thursday still comes and it isn't really friday yet but you feel like it should be friday...cause already the first part of the week is over...and when the first part is over basically the whole thing should be over...

whatever. mostly all i know is it is 445 and this is the office this afternoon.

me "hey jules...why do have that block of cheese on your desk?"
j "i dunno. i was gonna put it in the fridge but i forgot"
question. does cheese sitting on a desk all day long cause kashi if you decide to eat it the next day? (for those just being introduced to kashi...think fiber...mixed with prunes, dried apricots, metamucil, and probably a little raw hamburger that has some bacteria on it.)

recorder "duh.nuh ...duuuh.nuuuuh... duh.nuh... duh.nuh...DUH.NUH...DUUUUUH.NUUUH"
question. why is shark week only on once a year? pretty sure discovery needs to learn about making a shark month.

me "heather? heather? ......heeeather?"
question. where's heather?

as for me? 39 minutes...not that i am counting or anything.


PDX PR Chick said...

whatev - room temp cheese is so awesome and good for you. you're just jealous that i have a block of cheese sitting on my super neat, clean desk.

is it time to go home yet?

Kelsey said...

how long did it take you to figure out how to get the shark fin on a ruler so you could take a picture?

a good example of why i loooveee you