Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i changed my costume about 12 times (at one point i even had purchased an entire burlesque dancer outfit...complete with the corset, thigh high fishnets, little skirt, awesome feathery satin flower hair piece, pearls, satin gloves-but i felt like a cheap whore so that idea went away as soon as i tried on that outfit)...and in the end i ended up being a gangster...

that mean things like this happened:
1. i was writing on a paper at the front desk, heard "so what are you suppose to be for halloween...?" answered before i had lifted my head - "a gangsta" (in a pimp sorta grimy dirty voice) looked up and saw that the question had come from this huge black fed-ex delivery guy...yes it was sure my eyes were all like gulp...blink blink** but he played it cool and replied with an "aiight...straight up gangsta"
2. sister begged me to stop at the liquor store. we live in the north portland...we'll go with the phrase, a picture speaks a thousand words...(and in this instance probably more...)

not only was it 6'oclock on a friday night at the liquor store but it was that means the line is about 19 people deep (i didn't count or anything)...3 of them were mexican...16 of them were black...i was white...dressed like 50 cent. and it was weird.

here was the rest of my night.

pretty sure this night was awesome, hilarious and way too out of control...the stories are way too much to share on this hear site without writing a novel so for those of you that were there...i will share a few words: 503, karen, bathroom door handles, cabs, vladi, lemons and honey, 5.63 miles, and the jagermeister

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