Tuesday, November 4, 2008

update and reminiscing

so i did it... i fell into that world of online that is the obsessed, can't handle a lack of communication, have to constantly be in touch with everything at all times, world of technology...and i will admit i am thrilled about it because i have been wanting this damn phone for way too long...it is this kind of phone

the blackberry kind...

and I LOVE IT! i love going to dance practice and feeling like i am not leaving the office hanging...i love leaving at 5:30 and not feeling like i will miss something important...i love getting ready in the morning and not being in a panic feeling like i need to rush to the office to check the e-mail...no no this phone lets me take my world of work with me...this glorious little piece of equipment that i have, that i have put into a cute trendy hot pink skin, is basically one of the most awesome fabulous things i own (other than my vera wang)...oooh OOOH!

also having this phone means that i have been forced to go through all of my old photos...and in follow-up to the post i did a few days ago...about the fabulous night of saturday sitting...i found this little beauty.

this is my joseph last christmas trying out the candy cane decoration as a straw...not sure what it is with this kid and drinking out of random shit...but he's totally into it...if i remember correctly this picture was taken about 12 seconds before that entire jug of odwalla was spilled all over the kitchen floor...

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