Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Purple Pride

as a newly graduated university of portland student i have come to see how truly sheltered the east side of the river really is...

purple pride...a phrase that every student on campus is familure with...there are only over three hundred students that belong to the facebook group, even more that wear the sacred shirts to every sporting event from soccer to basketball to t-rooming (not an official sport but at up it might as well be...and i wouldn't be suprised if it became a sport given the oh-so-logical decisions the athletic department has a track record of making--danceteam (with a cough under the breath)--) anyway...the point is...that for the past four years the logo
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and the term purple pride has meant only one thing to me...friends, fun, school spirit, and hella beer...

this past weekend i learned that the west side of the river does purple pride a little bit different.

when kristina called me about a week and a half ago and asked if i wanted to be in a performance piece that michael was putting together with a few other people from detail i said "sure i would love to!" we were all set to perform and for some reason i missed the memo that our performance on a stage outside of redcap was actually the after party to the gay pride parade...needless to say purple pride downtown still means hella beer but rather than guys running around in purple t-shirts and jeans drinking alchol they ran around in purple eyeshadow and daisy duke jean shorts, skipping the shirt all together...
it was an experience.
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and though the actual performance went great, the lessons to be learned include, always confirm before hand the event i will be dancing at so my poor conservative dad doesn't have to spend three hours of his father's day chillin at the gay pride (not that he's discriminatory...he totally gets it...i dance, my mom is an interior decorator...we're around it all the time, he just grew up on a farm, so hella sheltered...and he gets a little nervous...) --if i were to guess i would put my money on him choosing to spend purple pride on the east side with a beer, hot dog and a women's soccer game.

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