Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recess Time

so im in this kickball league for work...we are "team r-west" and the league we play for is called "recess time."
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now you might think this is just a casual "social" weekly event like i did...pre-funk a little...grab a bite to up kick a little ball...skip around some bases...but in actuality recess time might as well be a league for professional olympic kickballers as far as i'm concerned. i don't have any official pictures but here are some temp ones so you can get the basic idea of what r-west looks like...and the marine corp army teams we play against.
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and you can imagine what team i play don't get me wrong i love everything about my team...peter in his boot cut adidas pants, red sweat band (with matching wrist bands), cleats, and crayola blue 8-track cassette player running off 8 "d" batteries playing ACDC; cassie who was moved from outfield to pitcher because she is still working on brushing up her "baby-crattle" ball catching techniques, kevin who has not quiet master his double toe-loop twirl kicking ambidexterity at the plate and likes to swish, kick, and a miss to psych everyone it is not my team that i mind at all, in fact my teammates are what i love most about going to play kickball everyweek! it's the hard core mouth guard chewing, slide tackling, home-run kicking monsters we play against...seriously it's north portland people...what ever happened to social kickballing?

little do they know that if this were a movie...r-west would be winning the champtionship at the end of the everyone should watch their backs it's the underdogs who lose games 0-19 that sneak attack when no one is looking.

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