Friday, June 29, 2007


it has been too long since i have written a blog...and i am blaming snohomish...

snohomish by definition:

snohomish county, wa
population: 16
1. middle of kansas, weird typhoon pouring rain and lightening bolt weather
2. antique shop and expresso stand capital of the world
3. the only location that has ever been built with a stop sign that has solar powered blinking red lights framing it

snohomish washing was the location of where i taught my first northwest dance company camp this past four days. in case you don't know where this lovely land mark is, it is about 30 minutes north of seattle.

this adventure could have probably taken up twelve blogs and had i been staying up to date those who read my blogs, which is probably just myself, would have been blessed with hearing about all of the nitty gritties behind the longest 96 hours of my life but i didn't, so this will be a brief recap.
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the quality inn...this is where we rested our heads at night...this is also known as the comfort inn (according to our hotel reservations and mapquest directions) but they changed their name a month needless to say you can imagine our confusion after a four hour drive and not being able to locate our hotel...well we finally found it

...and for the duration of our stay, we were kept entertained by the front desk clerk who was really good at developing accents throughout a conversation (aka start off completely normal and by the end talk with such a heavy southern accent i really had no clue what was being said), mexican maids who would randomly rub josh's back making sure he had gotten all the continental breakfast he had wanted and confessing their desires of the day when we will no longer be bombarded with the news of paris hilton, and the infamous door issues that equated to the "back door" connecting to the main parking lot that was usable our first night but the second day was blocked off and we had to exit in and out of the "main door" in the back of the building, walk through an alley to the front parking lot to get to our car and by the third day was completely boarded up and a new door was made right next to it with a sign that read "permanently locked used door on back of building." our stay was nothing shy of quality that's for sure.

...and camp well lets just say...14 dancers who have never learned how to spot, enjoy answering their cell phones while standing in the middle of the court as we are teaching, and a coach that lets her dog run around they gym unleashed during class...

snohomish = where i want to live when i grow up...if hell doesn't work out for me.

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