Friday, July 13, 2007

trendy whips

before i begin i will clarify that the whips part of my title isn't referring to horse whips, or dominatrix ball and chain whips...the title actually refers to the popular culture terminology most easily associated with E-40's "tell me when to go" lyrics...ghost ride the whip.

the whips i am referring to are cars.

i am not sure exactly what makes a car cool and trendy...some would argue that the circular blue and white logo reading bmw makes a car cool, some would argue that low riding hella ghetto air compressed lime green cadillacs are cool...and then there are people like me who think that yellow bugs with license plates that read groovy and a fake flower in the bud vase by the steering wheel is cool. i suppose there are lots of different qualifications that can make a car trendy and fun to own...however, there have got to be limits to this...

i don't know what is going on but in the past couple weeks i have seen more vehicles that make me furrow my brow and say "what? is that a joke?" then i've ever seen before in my life. i thought the best way to share with you my encounters would be to start documenting them to share...

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this is a car on the freeway that has jesus rocks painted on the back window in blue paint...

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this gmc truck looks normal, but the license plate reads "ic cube" (no e... i know you first probably thought i made a typo, but no...really there was no e) and a girl was driving the truck..

i'm confused...because last time i checked those were both nasty things to have on your car...anything but trendy. but i've decided that i would give them the benefit of the doubt because not all hope is lost, if i saw the whips ghost riding down the street that would probably make them cool...i've always wanted to see a ghost riding jesus rocking whip.

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