Thursday, September 20, 2007

work hard...

i almost feel boring...because half of my blogs (or more than half actually) are starting to be about work...that's totally lame...but i work all day so that is what most of my life is full

plus at times i feel justified in blogging about work because generally my work has some pretty awesome things that happen to make it blogg-able! (or at least i think so)

for example...yesterday i had to work really hard and go drink beer at bridgeport brewery...see? yeah...that's hard work...and because it is such hard work it needs to be blogged about...
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this is me...
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this is what i was drinking...

bridgeport is launching a new 22-oz seasonal ale and bottling took place yesterday so heather and i had to go meet people like portland tribune and kgw and stuff because we had to let people make tv and take pictures of
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so when you are shopping around safeway or new seasons or zupans or whole foods...and you see some of this hop harvest can think of me...and how i had to do really hard work to make sure it got good pr so people like you could go buy it!

yesterday's work day couldn't pass without a blog
...because really who drinks while working ...who takes shots of patron during their first week on the job (at random lunch wednesday...courtesy of sean) and then goes to meet with clients, run an event, and organize media coverage all while drinking a beer? yup, probably the company that has a dozen fifths of tequila, vodka, rum and gin sitting on the fridge in the lunch room.

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