Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tag...you're it

i'm a lover of games...a big lover of games...and i always have been...

one of my all time classics is monopoly...i remember the day i first played it, summer rec when i was seven...i used to go to this summer day camp thing that really was like a daycare but i used to beg my mom to go because i loved it so much...so i always just considered it camp...i played serious monopoly there...im even so monopoly obsessed that i will binge on fastfood (which i never ever eat...) when mcdonalds brings around its monopoly game.

i play poker, catch phrase, taboo, pictionary, clue, sorry...basically any game i will play it...and love it.

my latest games include drinking games...and not the typical beerpong/king's cup drinking game...gross, no i play the kind of drinking games that come with being out and about in the city with your friends...so if you haven't tried them yet...do...

1. "your team" - to play this game you have to be with at least one other person and you yell "your team" before the other players when you see a nasty ass walking down the street, or an ugly hooker, or a guy dressed like elvis walking out of powells.

2. really no name for this game but its equally as amazing - you pick a word (or three words...) and for each word you choreograph a dance move...so in the case of sataurday night...the chosen words for girls night included: drink (the movement was a head twist to the left - that looked somewhat like a tick), bitch (caused everyone to snap their right arm straight up into the air), and sexy (when everyone drops it like its hot)...basically this game is kick ass because when the waitress comes and asks if she can bring anyone another drink we all twist our necks to the left, it looks really good.

try these games...they're fun.

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