Thursday, February 14, 2008

today is valentines day

i love lots of things.

i wrote a list a couple days ago about all of the things that i love.

so probably it is not necessary to repeat those...but it's valentines day...and today is a day about love. so here are 7 additional things that i love. also, some people are bitter about today..."sad day"...(which i learned stands for singles awareness day...) but i'm over that...cause even though the rich, hot, smart, athletic, and funny guy that is going to be blessed to take care of my ass forever hasn't been lucky enough to meet me yet...there are still a handful of people in my life that i love and am thankful i'm just going to celebrate that today.

anyway my 7...

1. the flowers sitting on my desk. i have two bouquets, one from my sister (delicious smelling daisy's and wild flowers) from julieanna (red tulips)...because they make me flowers and the thoughtful girls that gave them to me.
2. the word "probably".
3. the word "fabulous".
4. denise.
5. getting my westmoore hair tomorrow.
6. american idol night with nicki and laura...(and hopefully more in the future) because it is fabulous bonding. we eat brownies. we watch videos. we do homework. we cuddle. we take pictures on photobooth. and then once in a while watch some singing.
7. making people smile. (i know that is kind of vague/and typical...but it's true. bringing joy into other people's life makes me happy. i love making people laugh, i love giving presents, and i just plain love loving other people :)....)

happy valentines day bitches. looove it.

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