Sunday, April 27, 2008


summer is confused i think...because it is wanting to come out but sometimes winter says "actually watch out im going to snow, hail and pour down rain today..."

so summer leaves again...

but it is putting up a fight and every once in a while we get a fabulous sunny day. like yesterday.

yesterday i was out on a drive with my mom, dad and some of our family friends...we were doing other stuff but this one part of our drive we were looking around alameda area (a neighborhood in northeast portland where we used to live when i was five) we were driving around "oooohing" and "ahhhing" at all of the fancy houses that i wished i lived in and then on the street were two little girls with their lemonade stand..

i yelled at my dad to stop but he didn' i yelled louder and then mom jumped on my team and we stopped...i had made a promise a long time ago that whenever i saw a lemonade stand i would always buy some...because dude, i remember the days of the lemonade stand and whenever i sold some it was seriously the best ever...and then when you get a big tip...its like "shut it down! we just made $5 lets go buy bonniebell lip gloss at rite aid!"

i made everyone in the car give a dollar and my mom ran out and bough a cup of lemonade...for 25 cents. we gave them $5 and told them to keep the change. they were excited...and i smiled.

so do good deeds...when you see lemonade stands out this some. 25 cents won't break the bank and you will make someones day! plus lemonade is bomb.

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