Thursday, April 24, 2008


eleven is how old my work turned tuesday.

eleven years old.

now it would seem that eleven isn't really a special's not like ten where you fill up all the's not like fifteen when you can drive a's not the sweet's not the legal's not the good ole' twenty's simply just eleven...but let me tell you what's so special about eleven...

eleven means u can hold up just two pointer fingers and it makes eleven...eleven means you can order a dozen and the fat person gets an extra donut...eleven means will and grace is on lifetime...eleven means you add a seven and you got yourself some slurpies!...eleven is a totally awesome number and totally fabulous birthday to celebrate.

beings that i work in the most amazing department of r/ are also the designated party planning team of the group and we were put in charge of planning the duh what does that mean? it means we get a dj...we get fancy costumes...we get a photo booth...and we create fancy drinks (the "R-ong" island : basically a special twist on the old long island iced tea...and the "R-ita" a fancy strawberry basil infused margarita)

here is the amazing team

here are the fancy costumes ...(heather and i...)

here is proof that the special drinks worked...(ashley and i...)

and though we did all of the fancy planning...non of it would have been possible without the financials...(sean-the big guy...and i...)

happy eleventh birthday r/west...
you know your job is rough when you have to party like a rockstar all the time.

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