Thursday, April 24, 2008

just fine


a word so commonly used its almost like habit. someone asks you a question and the quick easy response... "fine."

q - "how are you?"
a - "fine."

q - "how was school?"
a - "fine."

q - "how was your day?"
a - "fine."

fine...most normally used as an empty term that is simply a lazy response to a not so eventful occurrence. but what does fine really even mean? because i'm pretty sure it answers nothing.

day before yesterday a friend of mine informed me what fine ACTUALLY stands for:

f - ucked up
i - rrational
n - eurotic
e - motional

right? it's kind of awesome! and totally adds a more exciting twist to the ever so universally used term.

so next time you respond with "it'll be fine.."
know it's the most pleasant and calm way of saying things are messed the f@#k up, people are crazy, which makes you crazy and if you are anything close to normal you become an emotional basket case that is covering the fabulousness with a smile...because dude...that's life...and if things weren't "fine" shit would be boring.

so smile lots, laugh more and enjoy the things that drive you most crazy because those are the moments that add character to the ever so mundaneness that can be life.

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