Wednesday, June 18, 2008

also today...i am dyslexic

apparently i really should just stop working. i might be more productive not doing anything else today ...than actually trying to do something.

one of todays tasks...send an e-mail out to several people to let them know about a book signing event at bridgeport brewpub.

the e-mail looked great. the subject line that i wrote? yeah that part i just found out looked retarded...and who better to point it out to me than the editor of nw brewing news...

his response to my invite...


thanks for the invitation, but can you tell me what kind of "singing" there will be? drinking songs, i presume?


alan moen
northwest brewing news

probably he sent me that because the subject line i sent out on all of the emails read...bridgePort brewery hosts book singing for UC davis brewing professor, charles bamforth, july 12

not that there was really anything i could do to make my dumb ass look better...i wrote him back anyway...

well, apparently as most people will be getting their books "signed..." ?
it looks like i will be "singing"...99 bottles of beer on the wall??...

oops. if only that was sent early this morning i could blame it on lack of however i just have to laugh about it.


hopefully you enjoy book much as singing...and we will still get to see you on the 12th!


i hope he has a sense of humor...and i hope all the other people who got my e-mail can't read today either. and the only reason i am writing about this is i have learned that documenting the embarrassing things tend to be the blogs i enjoy looking back at in a year from now and laughing at the most...but today i feel like a dumbass.

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