Friday, June 20, 2008

why i went to college...

yesterday i learned another reason why i went to college.

so that i wouldn't have to be a furniture builder for my job.

denise took me to get my couches yesterday from ikea! wahooo! so so very them into the boxes...and they looked like this. about building them. basically a pain in the ass. laura was there to help. thank god. by myself would have basically been like "oh hey let me just grab that little piece of card board and cut my wrist really quick..." but with her there it was way more fun! because i had someone to shooo him out with.

that is the cat that laura thought was mine because he was just walking through our house and into our kitchen like he payed the rent or something...we got him out but then he stood on our steps and front porch meeowing at us.

also good about laura was that i had someone to load up all of that cardboard and plastic wrap with and take to the dumpsters...we found some that weren't locked (the church had theirs locked that we first tried) the open ones were located right behind the dental office on lombard. so we gifted them with our recycling...

anyway 3.5 hours later...and about 12 re-trys because building couches really isn't as easy as it sounds....they were finished...! (just in time to sit and watch so you think you can dance on them! wahooo!)

probably i won't be building any more of those in the near future. but i am very pleased with all of my handy work :)

ps. dear all those that helped, thank you. mostly cause i think all of those boxes strapped to the top of 'groovy' wouldn't really work...and also building them by myself would have been impossible. xo

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Kelsey said...

hello!! i leave today :( and i will miss you terribly when i'm gone. write me lots if you can and i'll see you in 3 weeks !