Monday, June 9, 2008

doing construction

this house is a project.

mostly when you work all day long, and then you dance all weekend, and then you do morning show at 5am for is hard to get all moved in! so its a process...for sure.

tonight's goal was laundry, shoes, garbage, and bookshelf. i started the laundry. i put the book shelf where it will temporarily live until i get my living room furniture. i also book the books on the shelf (eliminated a box from the living room...WAHOO!). i went to fred meyers to buy a garbage can. this was mostly a fiasco so i am choosing not to go that in depth but mostly what happened was the garbage system the land lord has us on requires us to have our own garbage can. well garbage day is tomorrow, we have tons of shit from moving in that needs to be thrown out and no garbage can. so i bought one but because i am so tired it was a much bigger deal to get that 32 gallon garbage can than it normally would be. i'm sure people thought i was ridiculous walking through fred meyer dragging a huge ass plastic garbage can and crying...whatever. i'm tired and that's fine.

mostly something i learned is that when you are tired you shouldn't do construction...because i think that is when people get hurt. and that is what happened to me when i was doing my shoes. to do the shoes i had to make this shelf thing. well first thing i screwed one of the walls on backwards and second thing after i finally got the stupid board facing the right way i was screwing it in and one of the walls decided it would be a good idea to crash down on my ankle and scrape me and cut me and make my blood drip down my leg. stupid mother fucker shelf.

anyway i finished it...finally.

it is now in the closet. full of shoes and looks fabulous.

getting closer to the house tour blog patient with me.

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