Thursday, June 5, 2008

grown up me

i have done blogging about my new house but this time i actually have a picture or two...and of the inside! wahoo! because guess what, tuesday night was my first night in my very own house! and mostly the house looks like a big tornado flew through it but i am perfectly fine with that because slowly but surely it is coming together!

tuesday tara came over to hang out with me on my very first evening. we got thai take out for dinner and decided it was necessary to document the first meal!
yes yes...that is correct paper plates (thank you denise...and for those that don't know that was my happy 23 birthday present from her. they were fancy kind though. with flowers.) and plastic silverware and also we ate while sitting on boxes.

i did other things like put away dvds, line a few shelves in the kitchen with shelf paper, put some clothes away...and also i put together my bed! (not all the pillows and cute blankets are on it because i hadn't found them at the moment...) but see see?!
dear people who read this, meet my new bed in my new room...xo, kendall

i will keep updating with pictures! and once the whole house is finally put together we will put up a post dedicated to a house tour! loves it.
oh, and also, just so you know, i love visitors :)

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Kelsey said...

Hi! first off i made a blog :) mostly for when i go to costa rica but i plan to continue it and love it so much. yess well can't wait to see you
loveee youus