Monday, June 16, 2008

making the homestead pretty is hard work!

i finally got to have a full weekend at my new home! well...half of a full weekend, sunday was fathers day so most of sunday i was with dad and family. plus i visited grandma. something cool is that she made me a fancy necklace and earrings and a bracelet...because now she does beading...and she takes classes and everything at the nursing home. i will take pictures about them and blog it cause they are basically gorgeous.

anyway most all of the rest of the weekend was me and my new home. i did lots and lots of shopping and building. i went to target, i went to a furniture store, and also i went here...

something about this place is it is gigantic huge. i went by myself. it was slightly overwhelming and i think i got lost nine times if i counted correctly. but also i found lots of fabulous things! and i am very proud of all of them! i was even so excited and proud that i wasn't embarrassed about pushing two carts around the store.

i don't want to ruin all the amazing surprises that will be the house tour blog. but i will share about one thing. my kitchen table (and don't worry at this point the chairs weren't when i finally get it all finished and the house tour blog gets posted...there will still be an element of surprise left to write about).
here is my gorgeous fancy table :)

plus i made banana bread in my new pans. first time i have ever baked banana bread before. i gave half to my grandma and half to my parents. basically i felt domestic and i loved it.

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