Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a week in paradise

...hawaii...gorgeous. hot. gorgeous. pineapple. gorgeous. sandy beaches. gorgeous. hot surf boys. gorgeous. sun. gorgeous. ocean. gorgeous. parrots. mostly just gorgeous.

to celebrate the parents 25th wedding anniversary that was in march we waited waited waited till sister was done with school for the year and finally finally got to go to hawaii...last week. and it was amazing. everyday day i did this.

wake up at 5:30 (hawaii is three hours behind)
work out and then do abs on a bamboo floor that looks out at the ocean. you can literally do crunches to the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. amazing
go to delicious breakfast buffet
put on swim suit
lay by the beach till noon
go each lunch
lay by the pool till four
go shower
sit in the favorite spa under the palm tree watching the surfers and the sunset
go to dinner
watch a movie (or so you think you can dance...which my friends is AMAZING and will im sure have several of its very own blog posts)
go to sleep

i did that everyday for 8 days. and it was the best ever.

this is where we stayed

i called it paradise but most people called it turtle bay resort. mostly cause everywhere you look there are turtles! snorkeling you see turtles...boogie boarding you see turtles...walking along the rocks you see turtles...surfing you see turtles...

yes yes you read that right...SURFING! i tried it. i really did! i tried surfing. and guess what!? i looooved it! i wasn't even all the way horrible. i sometimes did ok! and by sometimes that means only three waves in 2 hours...but one time i even road it all the way onto the sand! here is proof

also we went to a luau

it was actually really great! i have been to one before a long long time ago but i didn't remember it being that great. mostly cause i think i remember the dancers kind of being fat and bad. but these ones weren't! these ones were actually very very good!

there was one thing funny about hawaii...there were lots of wild birds.

we saw tons of chickens. and one time even saw a chicken that would fly into a tree and then fight with these two hawaiian crows (im not actually sure they were hawaiian crows. that is just what sister and i called them cause they were so nasty mean) anyway lots of wild chickens.
also a wild parrot...well kind of. he lived at our hotel during the day.

there was actually two of them. a red one and a blue one. but the red one was kind of a bitch and never really liked people by him. so we just took a picture of the blue one...and look at his cute foot. he is waving.

hawaii was fabulous and i loved getting to play with sister for so many straight hours in a row :)

paradise is fun!

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