Monday, June 23, 2008

things about this weekend.

there were lots of things that happened this weekend.

lots of good things.
like getting the living room all put together...(pictures to come soon...things are getting close i can't post too much pictures because it would ruin the house tour blog...) but it looks really pretty i love it love it in there...
also i got to see some best friends saturday at nikkis graduation party. i got to go to target with danielle and laura and we bought decorations for my house and also fish mugs that are blue and plastic and nasty disani water to put inside and we snuck in to michael (danielle's brothers) baseball game to drink our waters with denise. sister had a birthday party on friday and i got to see tara and brett and ashley came and i loved it all. and we had tacos and cake at the party and fancy jello shots and mojitos. and i saw katie (sister's bff...) lots. this was out of order, but all a list a pretty great things.

the only thing about this the fact that most of what i remember about it isn't really the good stuff. mostly i think cause this morning i said goodbye to sister for six weeks and i hate that. also my grandma is still in the hospital...and my dog molly was hella sicks all day saturday. she wouldn't eat chicken or rice or watermelon or her dog food or treats! nothing...i'm not really sure how everyone is doing this monday morning. grandma was suppose to get out of the hospital today, or at least that is what they told us last thursday when she was admitted...molly did eat breakfast this morning so maybe she is betterish. but sister is getting on that plane soon...

hmmm...its monday and i wish it was friday...i need a re-do weekend.

that or a day off so i can sit on my new awesome couch, watch movies and drink from my fish mug.

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